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After leaving school I completed an apprenticeship in Gas Fitting Photo: circa 1969

I decided to travel to India overland through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and finally India, on my return I still had the travelling bug.


I flew to Perth in Australia and took a job in an Iron Ore Mine.  After a year in Australia, I made my way back to England via Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.


Whilst in Iran I became sick and had to get flown home and spent the next month in The Hospital for Tropical Disease in London. 


Photo: Passport stolen in Afghanistan, me at 20


Recovered from that I embarked on a career in nursing, eventually making my way up to a Charge Nurse of a medial ward in Essex.


Photo: Me in 1986 as a Charge Nurse I built this Cardiac Arrest Trolley and donated it to one of the wards that didn't have one

Fancying a change I started a Film and Television Catering Business working on the TV programmes Casualty and The Ruth Rendell Mysteries for five years in Bristol also working on lots of pop videos and commercials


During this time I bought The Puppet Theatre by Pulteney Weir which I ran for six years 1996 - 2003

Again, always looking for a different direction I bought a Yoga Retreat in Spain as a project 2003 - 2005


After two years in Spain my family and I moved to a village just outside Florence in Italy 2005 - 2008

In Florence my twins were born, having renovated an old house which took two years we sold it as we thought, unfortunately part of the house had been built illegally by the previous owner and well basically we lost a lot of money and had to go back to England


Back in England I ran Lennie's Cafe in Widcombe, Bath from 2008 - 2016

Itchy feet again I moved on in 2016 and bought the Laundrette in Odd Down.


Having the Laundrette is great as it gives me a lot more family time.

I have done lots of moving around and enjoyed every minute ( apart from loosing loads of money in Italy).


Thanks for reading, take care and keep safe.

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